Consulting services.
Learning and experiencing as a process.


The practical experience of having worked in countries like Ecuador, Mauritania, South Africa and Georgia provides an intercultural understanding. The studies of law and education in management, coaching and moderation are the basis of my theoretic knowledge.

In regard to organisations I have worked in sectors like automotive, insurance, trade, logistics and public institutions. This helps to understand your organisation and system in which you work. And the passion for horses extends my knowledge of leading and sensitivity.


If you change the job, a totally new situation is coming. To find and to get a new job, to adopt in the new organisation and to understand the new system is a challenge. As a placement consultant I am able to accompany you during this process.


In your profession you come across intercultural communication, leadership and change. I use tools and methods from the coaching and training in order to support you.


In regard to personal and team development, tools are helpful to improve your performance and the performance of your team. What about the team you are leading?


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